Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 "Goals"

I use the word goals loosely. It's more like things I want to do this year. Goals sound so serious, and these things aren't top priority in my life. Never the less, it's a new year so naturally I've been thinking about the crafting things I'd like to accomplish this year.

1. I'd like to craft consistently this year. The last year and a half was absolutely terrible, and I didn't craft at all for most of that time.

2. Knit 5 miles worth of yarn. I'll be posting a counter from on here shortly to keep track.

3. Use up all of the cheap acrylic crap yarn I've accumulated over time. I said in my last post I don't really have a "stash." I guess I mean good stash. Plus using up all the junk will free up a lot of valuable storage space.

4. Learn needlepoint.

5. Learn to spin.

6. Finally set up an etsy shop for all my handmade cards.

7. TRY and knit a sock a month. Not sure I'll be able to pull this off, but it would be nice. I'd be happy if I could finish a sock a month, not even a pair. That'd give me six pairs in a year.

8. Knit myself a sweater. Something I've wanted to do for years.

9. Utilize my books more. I have tons of pattern books that I've never made anything from.

10. Knit a shawl. It'd be my first one.

I know those are mostly fiber goals. I have some more personal goals that have priority over these, so we'll see how many of the craft ones I can achieve. Should be fun! If you have any fiber goals, feel free to share them in the comments below. And Happy New Year!

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