Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is it February already??

Well, I came close to my loosely mentioned goal of a single sock a month goal! I started this sock Jan. 27th, and by the end of the day Jan. 31, I had only part of the heel left to do. I tried, but I just didn't have it in me to finish. I had been knitting most of the day and had a pretty bad headache by bedtime. Since I got so much done in such short time, I'm gonna go ahead and consider it a success for January. You can find project details HERE.

On the topic of goals, I stumbled across a great group on Ravelry called "12 in 2012." Basically, you go through your Rav Queue, pick 12 projects and tag them 12in2012. Your goal is to complete them by the end of the tear with stash yarn. I will be attempting to use as much stash as possible, but will end up buying a lot of yarn for my 12 because I just don't have anything suitable.

Another thing I joined this week was The Knitgirllls Afghan Square Swap 2012, from here on referred to as KGASS. Sign ups close Feb 20th I believe, and partners are assigned March 1st. Check out the thread to official details and to join.

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