Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Recap

I'm going to try and do a weekly update of my works in progress and finished projects every Wednesday.

Works in progress:

The Dunwich Socks - I got the fist one finished and the toe of the second one started.  I hope to finish these this week so I can finish Beetlejucie.

Beetlejuice - has been on my needles since October.  I haven't touched them since November.

Penelope - is making progress.  I started her this last week and have one foot and assembly left to do.  This is my first one and will be mine.  I plan on making two additional Penelopes for two sweet little girls I know, and about 5 other Rebecca Danger monster for friends.  So expect lots of that in the near future.

Snowflake Blanket - hasn't been touched since December.  My goal was to finish it by Christmas.  I WILL finish it soon, hopefully this month.

The two log cabin blankets haven't been touched at all this year simply because I haven't been home.

No finished object this time.

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